Started in 2010, Daniel Kemble has composed and released 100’s of pieces of instrumental music focusing on abstract, experimental, orchestral, ambient and urban music genres. He has also worked with music artists and entertainment professionals for music production, composition, sound design and mix engineering. Mostly known for his West Coast hip hop and G-Funk instrumentals, Daniel’s purpose is to entertain listeners with his own independent music and crossover styles.


Daniel’s music has received over 1.25 million online streams, over 3,500 regular subscribers and over 50,000 digital downloads. 


The Third War (2017)

Experimental, orchestral, cinematic, soundtrack-like and synthesised musical themes representing Daniel’s adventurous, action-based short story, The Third War (booklet is available via this portal).

The Funk Grooves (2019)

Sit back and enjoy. The Funk Grooves pronounces Daniel Kemble’s unique style within the G-Funk subgenre of West Coast hip hop. A collation of remastered tracks G-Funk instrumentals with funky basslines, classic synth melodies and electric rhodes.


Originally finding guitar lessons uninteresting when he was 8 years old, Daniel Kemble started creating music digitally in 2010 after experimenting with music software outside of school. Daniel began composing G-Funk and West Coast hip hop in his early musical years, but, as he began improving his skill and familiarity with music production, he started creating a diverse variety of music styles with experimental, unconventional and fusion influences. Daniel’s instrumental music often encompasses diverse elements from multiple sub-genres that include West Coast hip hop, alternative hip hop, hip hop soul, rap rock, electronic hip hop and orchestral hip hop. He also spent some time composing music with orchestral and ambient elements as well as R&B, house and acid jazz. Daniel has worked with a several underground artists including the anticipated Chicano rappers, Malow Mac and Conejo, as well as television, video game and media creators for a variety of services. Now, after a hiatus, Daniel Kemble plans to remaster, remix and remake most of his older work for new album releases with the possibility of creating new music in the future.


His old website (featuring production credits, previous blog and free beats) is still accessible via