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Studio Albums

Video Game Style, Stealth, Action, Electronic Fusion Music | 10 Tracks

10 tracks. Synth and rock fusion album inspired by The Warriors film OST and its video game soundtrack, and Tangerine Dream. 

Orchestral, Stealth, Epic, Battle, Library, Film, Game, TV Music | 10 Tracks

10 new tracks composed, mixed and mastered in 2022-2023. Influenced mostly by video game music, the likes of Jesper Kyd, Jeremy Soule and more. 

G-Funk, West Coast, Hip Hop, R&B Instrumentals | 14 Tracks

Three new g-funk tracks composed in 2022-2023 alongside 11 reprised, remixed and remastered tracks from the early days of my producing music in 2010-2013. 

Hip Hop, Alternative Rap Beats, Experimental, Soundtrack Music | 12 Tracks

12 tracks with abstract and experimental styles derived from my hip hop music origins. Most of these tracks were originally composed in the 2010s, but remixed, remade and remastered for a 2023 release.

Electronic Dance Music, Hip Hop, Alternative Dance Instrumentals | 9 Tracks

A fresh album starting the new year of 2023, this album includes tracks with various elements fused from different genre influences. Synthwave, Alternative Dance, Electro, Hip Hop, Trap EDM are a couple of examples of the fusion between subgenres. Available on numerous platforms. Enjoy!

Video Game, Soundtrack, Orchestral, Avant Garde Classical Music | 13 Tracks

The music on this album was originally released as “The Third War” in 2017, however, I decided to re-release it and re-brand it as a new album; essentially with some new titles, new cover and new album name. Music on this album is inspired by the Skyrim, Hitman and Witcher 3 game soundtracks.

Electronic, Hip Hop, Alternative Instrumentals | 27 Tracks

A selection of beats produced in the years 2011-2016.

All have been either reprised, remastered or remixed.

Homage...G-Funk Era (2022, May)

West Coast, G-Funk, Smooth Jazz Instrumentals | 14 Tracks

A selection of beats produced in the years 2010-2015.

All have been either reprised, remastered or remixed.

Orchestral, Video Game Music, Ambient, Epic Scores | 27 Track Instrumental Album

A large collection of music I created during the mid-late 2010s, many that have never been properly released. These instrumentals are reminiscent of soundtracks typical in video games, epic scores, orchestral compositions; most of which have elements of darkness and ambient styles. 

Hip Hop, West Coast, G-Funk | Collaborative 5 Song Album.

These tracks were produced and collaborated with a number of artists in 2011-2012. Originally, released on mixtapes, the five classic G-Funk songs have been mixed and remastered for an official album release: The G-Funk Tape.

Hip hop, electronic, dance | Instrumental music album.

Abstractions epitomises how I approach the creative aspect of production – just do what I want and not follow excessive conventions. An album full of experimental nuance and freedom; just exactly how I like to make music and approach life.

Hip hop, West Coast, Dance | Instrumental music album.

West Coast hip hop was the sub-genre that got me into making music back in 2009/2010. This track features mostly my styles within West Coast hip hop with some dance tracks in the mix. For beats to freestyle and ride too, this album is a top pick.

Hip hop, G-Funk, West Coast | Instrumental music album.

Paying homage to a sub-genre that I love, G-Funk; another style of gangsta rap that got me into making music in the first place. Here you have tracks that you can smoke too, ride too and rap too. Sit back and relax.


Using My Music

If you are interested in using my music for streaming, video content, festivals, events, TV, movies, games, commercials etc. then please get in touch via email at my Contact page. I offer leasing abilities for my albums (a license that allows you to use my music) either one-off or monthly. My charges are dependent on your needs as my clients, so I do offer negotiable rates.